4th Lunch Term Order Deadline

Hello Roch Carrier Parents,
The ordering deadline for the final term of food programs is Monday, April 24th (www.roch.parentcouncil.net).  This term runs from May 1st through June 29th.  PLEASE NOTE THAT NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED; NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you have a balance outstanding from previous terms, your order will be cancelled unless payment is RECEIVED before the order deadline.
The food offerings remain the same….
Subway MONDAYS – students can select a turkey, ham, roast beef, or veggie sub on either white or 9 grain wheat bread.  The sizes are either a 4″ ($3) or a 6″ ($4.25).
Domino’s Pizza WEDNESDAYS – both cheese and pepperoni slices are available for $2/slice.  Milk can be added to Wednesday pizza orders if you opt not to get milk daily.
Pita Pit THURSDAYS – students can select a turkey, chicken, souvlaki, ham or garden pita with their choice of vegetables for $4.50
DAILY milk – chocolate and white milk are available for $0.75/carton.
Lunch Lady FRIDAYS – ordering is ongoing through www.thelunchlady.ca.
Thanks for your support!
Lunch Programs Coordinator